"The journey into Mystical Dance has changed my life in the most beautiful and profound way.  I can truly say that the woman who emerged on the other side of this six week course is not the same girl who began the process.  Through dance and a connection with the Divine, I have gone into the depths of my heart and allowed the beauty to flow from me.  Monika is a powerful and incredibly beautiful teacher, seeing the Goddess in each of us and allowing us to see that Goddess as well.  She has a magical way of creating a process we all loved and enjoyed and that changed us each step of the way.  The course has taught me the freedom of living through our hearts and allowing our passions to dance through us.  We have all been taught how to be teachers, but what we’ve all learned is that “The Dance” is the best teacher of all.  I am so grateful to have been a part of the Mystical Dance TTC and feel extremely blessed to be able to share this with the world!  Thank you to Monika and the Dance!"  ~ Andrea, USA

"The six weeks I spent dancing the divine light with these glorious goddesses from across the globe is an experience I will hold close to my heart for as long as I walk my path on earth.  The mystical dance TTC is a journey of playfulness, laughter, love, transformation and most of all a journey of becoming the dance itself. Monika is a true gift of divine nature.  Everyday she would bring into our temple her love, her light, her passion, her creativity, and her presence.  Day in and day out she would inspire us with her incredible capacity to hold the space for us as we transformed into mystical dancers.  I am honored, and greatly humbled to now call myself a mystical dance teacher and carry this light forward into the world." ~ Nola, Canada

"Just 6 weeks … Just 6 weeks? … But in this 6 weeks I have gotten more transformations than during all of my life.  I have become a completely new person.  I have become the woman which I always dreamed to be, but never was.  I have become beautiful. I have become open.  I can give and receive love.  I see endless beauty in each person.  All of the exercises, dances, rituals and conversations gave me back my femininity and awakened Goddess, which was hidden in me before.  Monika, and all of my sisters gave me back the responsibility and respect, trust and faith in humanity.  And my dream to dance has become a reality.  Thank you, Monika.  Thank you, sisters."  ~ Elena, Russia

"I must admit that at first, I was really unsure if I should do this TTC or not … I didn’t have a clear reason why, just a strong inner pull and curiosity.  Now I can positively say it was my holy intuition guiding me.  This course has transformed me into a more vibrant, centered woman, gifted me with 24 new real-life goddess friends to inspire me and opened doors to a deep transformation that I’m sure will still echo around the universe for many years t o come.  Best of all, my relationship with the Divine has grown in a way I never imagined … Monika has introduced us all into the elusive world of mysticism through sacred dance in a very tangible way.  There are no words to express what a gift this mysticism is to humanity.  This was a profound, ecstatic experience that I will carry with me forever!" ~ Alisha, USA

"The Mystical Dance TTC is one of the most transforming experiences of my life.  I have always danced and loved movement; however, it was only through this course that I learned how to channel this energy into a very strong, meaningful and powerful act.  Originally, I came to do just a one week workshop, however after just one week I felt like there was so much more I needed to learn.  So thankfully there was space and what happened next was truly life changing.  Monika’s experience and presence is an inspiration to aspiring Mystical Dance teachers."  ~ Tammy, Australia

"The Mystical Dance TTC was sacred, tantric and deeply transformational for me.  All energies and aspects I wanted to work with and integrate into my life.  It was an amazing exploration of the sacred, mystical Goddess work.  Monika’s skills created profound rituals that are deeply meaningful.  Wow!  What a journey!!!" ~ Palma, Italy

"I am transformed.  This course has helped me to dive so deeply into myself and access levels that I never knew existed.  I came here feeling lost but hopeful, and I leave seeing the clear light and beauty of the Divine Goddess.  Thank you so much Monika for creating and holding the space for women to come together and discover their divine selves."  ~ Caralise, USA

"Amazing, sacred, beautiful, transformative, sexy, empowering, fun …. the MDTTC was this and so much more.  It has empowered me as a woman to do what I love.  To dance and honor the goddess within each of us and to begin teaching.  The tools and experiences I have gained from the MDTTC are better than gold.  I feel more able to begin my journey into teaching mystical dance and spiritual hiking trips.  Also, the MDTTC was incredibly fun, delicious and an amazing journey of self exploration.  I feel the support from the beautiful sisters will continue as we all continue our journeys.  Monika is an amazing teacher!"  ~ Caitlin, Canada

"Life continues on after the MDTTC but beautiful remnants of that time linger always... like the most beautiful stardust illuminating the most ordinary moments! I will forever be grateful to you for this heart-expanding, feminine dwelling time. I have a never-ending supply of love for you, your work, your teachings and the inspiration that I receive. I'm hoping to teach a mystical dance workshop in the next few weeks... I'll be calling in your mystical, magical, maha-shakti presence!  Endless love and gratitude." ~ Blaire, Canada

"Mystical Dance is a deep expression of the divine feminine unfolding on this planet.  Great transformation occurs as we express this higher truth through dance, meditation, the sisterhood and the honoring of the divine masculine.  I love to be alive!  I love to dance and I love to feel the deepest stratum of my being in stillness and love.  I have found my path."  ~ Ra Lalita Dasi, UK


 "Thank you for your courage and choice of staying connected, channelling & transferring the Goddess -- the divine energy.  This workshop was so much more than what I expected, it fulfilled-rekindled my secret longing that I had even forgotten about ... my purpose in life ... Love & Blessings." ~ Prem Feride, Turkey

"Monika-Goddess,  I feel so blessed to have met you.  Your presence, energy, clarity + LOVE are such an inspiration.  I really hope to do something with you again, soon ... yoga, bellydancing ... anything!!  Much love to you.  Please let me know what you are up to."  ~ Lee, UK

"Amazing!  Inspiring, Deep 'n loving ~ transcendent ... deeply grateful for your wisdom and beauty ... because you embody the teachings, you have helped open my body and heart. So humbled, and in awe ..."  ~ Tiffany, USA

"I am the breather and the breath.  I am the singer and the song.  I am the dancer and the dance ... that's how I feel after a beautiful 3 days of your workshop.  You are divine ... we all are.  Great experience!" ~ Sofie, Germany

"Amazing, very developing in many ways -- femininity, dance, laughter, group work.  Amazing that I could dance so well in only 6 days.  I learned to let my Shakti blossom and gained better self-confidence." ~ Anna, Sweden/Denmark

"Wow, never in my life have I witnessed such a divine beauty that can orchestrate the energy of a room the way you can, Monika. You sing the song of your heart, and we dance to it's special tune. Every night I come home, totally exhausted, covered in sparkles and bindis, and softly giggle myself to sleep. You are such a gift, and I am so excited to be learning from you." ~ Nola, Canada 

"Beautiful, empowering Shakti love!  Deeply inspiring and so much fun." ~ Elisa, USA

"Amazing, Beautiful, Full of Love & Support.  Passionate, Fun, Super Shakti." ~ Charlotte, Canada

"Liberating!  During the week I was able to surrender more & more, thus feeling increasingly soft and in love.  It was all so wonderful." ~ Holly, Australia

"Exhilirating.  The sessions were well planned.  There was a good mix of theory + dance, and learning so many different dances was great fun, and helped keep the interest + passion.  Fantastic workshop and couldn't wait to do the next one!"  ~ Harjit, UK

"With all of my heart I recommend every woman on the planet to take this amazing opportunity!! Embrace the Sacred Shakti in Divine Glorious Mystical Dance with a powerful initiated Goddess! I have had the honor of journeying with Monika in divine dance several times in the most stunning surroundings on a tropical island in Thailand.
BEcome the Goddess ... You ARE the Mystery."  ~ Sissel, Finland

"Amazing, transforming, Shaktifying." ~ Monika, Switzerland

"I felt movement in my body in a way I haven't felt since I was a child.  I also really enjoyed being 'danced" by the Divine in such an intimate way."  ~ Stacey, Canada

"Incredible!  The week was a continuous series of  'aha' and 'ahh' moments, very heart-opening, like returning home.  I am amazed, inspired + so grateful for your commitment to all the intricacies of the course." ~ Anasta, Australia

"Transforming - a highlight of my experiences at Agama :-)."  ~ Wendy, Canada

"Transformative, totally amazing, allowed me to get in touch with my inner goddess.  Discovered I could dance! Sisters if you are ready to rediscover the mystery of your Goddessence through sacred dance, with a Very special teacher, then look no further."  ~ Sapna, UK

"Beyond words :-)." ~ Rafale, Canada

"What you do is a magical gift, Monika, and 'thank you' doesn't come close to covering it ... but thank you so much." ~ Amanda, USA

"Amazing, awesome, a great way to be the Divine Feminine." ~ Naomi, New Zealand

"It feels so good to bathe in this female energy.  I loved the belly exercises and the integration of the yoni.  I feel softer, more feminine and flexible." ~ Caroline, USA

"Everyday, I could learn so much about myself and the other sisters. I thank you for all the activities and works you've given us.  You are the best teacher and Powerful Shakti I've ever seen.  Everyday, I was so happy coming to your class, and you ... changed my life within a week!! WOW.  I would love to be a teacher like you.  Love" ~ Aiko, Japan

"Amazingly powerful.  A gift to be with 30 goddesses and 1 SuperShakti!  I'm impresssed by the beauty & revelation of every single shakti and peace + harmony without competition!  I love it, I love U, I love God!  I'm humbly melting in gratitude."  ~ Juliane, Germany 

"Thank you for one of the most beautiful weeks of my life.  You are such an amazing teacher, elegant dancer and wonderful woman." ~ Isabella, Austria


"Monika - Unbelievable.  I am in love with my new connection to my hips, stomach and 2nd chakra.  Blissmas!  Yours."  ~ Alison, Canada

"Your  classes are fantastic.  Your breakdowns & simplifications of each move make it so easy to learn to bellydance.  Thanks so much for this experience." ~ Melanie, Australia

"I am honored to be in your space. From every teacher, you've made the most profound difference in my life. I am thrilled knowing that I will study with you again. Everyone you touch turns into golden light." ~ Maria, USA

"Dear Monika!  Still full of joy from your energized class.  Was a great gift!  Thanks for the share!"  ~ Priscilla, Chile

"I loved it! Thank you so much for your contribution to this whole new world hidden for many of us. " ~ Nuria, India

"I have participated in Monika's belly dance classes in Dharamsala, both in 2010 & 2011.  I was blown away by the freedom the feminine could express herself here...  the playfulness & sexiness of the women around me was striking.  I found personal freedom in simply moving my hips & getting in touch with different energies from the feminine spectrum.  I FELT lighter, lifted, in touch with my body & spirit after her class...  even my emotions flowed more freely, and I found this new expression delicious.  I especially am interested in dancing for the Divine...as worship...I know no one better than Monika to teach this! She has brought herself to another level in femininity...  beauty, strength, regality, humbleness, spirit...I especially love the support she gives to all women, regardless of young, old, professional dancer or just someone looking to "let loose"." ~ Alishia, USA


Dearest Goddess Monika, You are the embodiment of all that you invoke!  Your Divinity is showing … and is oh, so contagious!  In 5 weeks you changed our lives!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! You are my idol Divine!  With deepest respect, Aubrie, USA

Hare Om Monikaji!  Thank you again and again for being such an amazingly beautiful woman, and sharing with me.  I bow to your wisdom, beauty and open radiating heart.  Please continue to bless this universe with your gifts and charms.  Infinite gratitude and love for you.  Holly, Australia

My beloved Monika, thank your from my heart for being such a wonderful Shakti and teacher.  You and your work truly inspire me.  Lots of love, your Jessica Rabbit ~ Naima, Germany

Mystical Monika, I feel so blessed to know you and to have spent this time with you.  I love your offerings to the world, and look forward to the years to come on this mystical journey.  All my love, Mishaal, Japan

Radiant Goddess, You are a total inspiration.  I am in awe of your beauty, grace & fierceness.  I am so excited for all our shared blessings to come … and so grateful for all the blessings and teachings I have already received with you!  Shine on!  I love you!  Kristie, USA

Monika Shakti Ma, You have given me so much joy, beauty and inspiration.  I can’t thank you enough.  Wishing you love, light & happiness on your journey.  (heart)  Libby, Israel

Dear Sister, Thank you for all your work, healing and inspiration.  I am a proud student of Mystical Dance.  Thank you for leading the way!  Love, Marcela, Czech Republic

Dear Lovely Monika, It was such a nice beginning to my new journey with you!  You have always been my inspiring Goddess :-) and always will be!  Looking forward to our sisterhood and teacherhood continuation.  Words are never enough for my thankful and loveful heart to you!  Love & kiss & hug from the very deepest part of my heart.  Hande, Turkey

Thank you Monika for gathering us all around the altar of sacred mystical dance, thank you for sharing and spreading such a precious knowledge.  May the dancing angels be with you all the time!  Yohanna, France

Teacher, Goddess, amazing woman, dearest friend, mother, sister – all you are for me and embodied in this time together with a real joyous heart.  I wish the universe bliss for you!  In great honor – in great love, full of spanda!  Sofia, Germany

Monika, you are inspiring and always full of wonderful gifts.   Thank you for your strong Shakti presence.  Michelle, Canada

Dearest Monika, How joyful and content I feel to be blessed by your presence.  My beloved sister, my beloved friend.  love, Radasi~Kerry, UK

Shakti Monika!  my love and light – thank you for all your love, effort, grace, joy and light!  I love you divine goddess.  I am eternally grateful for the time I have spent with you.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.  You are the dancer and the dance moving as one.  - in love and light, Fran, USA

Gorgeous Shakti!  Being in your presence is such an honor.  I am forever grateful for the time you have spent with us.  I humbly bow down to you with grace & gratitude.  I love you!  Muchas gracias!  Gina Marie, USA

Thank you for blessing us with your mystical presence and giving us this wonderful gift of dance.  This experience has given me so much joy and aspiration to follow my dream of dance as life.  Much love, Lillian, Australia

Dear Monika, I am honored to be your student. You are the perfect vessel of Divine Light.  Thank you for your dedication.  (heart) MNM, USA

Thank you for bringing to us & the world your amazing energy, presence, experience, teachings & the Goddess that you are courageously showing in her many faces.  May you be blessed with all your beautiful heart’s desires.  I look forward to dancing with you again.  Love, Anasta, Australia

Dear Goddess Monika, Thank You for All Your love and light dancing and sharing.  Love Always Sister Tanya, UK

May Mystical Love & Blessings follow your way.  Thank you Monika.  I love you!  Juliane, Germany

Monika, Dearest Mahashakti, you are such an inspiration to me & it was such a joy & blessing to spend this sacred time with you.  Endless gratitude and love, Lori, USA







~ Osho






"You are here
to enable the
Divine Purpose
of the Universe
to unfold.

That is
how important
you are."

~ Eckhart Tolle



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